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For many homeowners, there comes a time when lack of space becomes so much of an issue that a decision is required - convert or move!
The prospect of a new home is often very exciting, that is until your consider the associated costs of buying and selling.
Stamp duty alone on a $750,000 home with a $400,000 loan for example, would be:

  • $29,000 in NSW
  • axes, fees, stamp duty, conveyancing and legal costs, not to mention the Removalists, all add up. When you then add on the additional mortgage repayments, many buyers are surprised at how much they are actually paying just for an extra room or two!

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) states renovating a home remains an affordable option for people wanting to increase the size of their homes.

When planning a move or renovation, cost is the primary consideration.

One of the dangers of “trading up” is not over-extending yourself. It’s easy to get excited about a new home and easier still, to spend more than you should because you fall in love with certain features of the new home. Coupled with all the associated costs mentioned earlier, moving home is a very expensive exercise and, you leave the area you and your family are familiar with. This also often involves changing schools and moving away from friends and extended family.

Therefore, staying put, has its advantages, but you must be careful not to over capitalize. The cost of renovating can quickly escalate and you need to be very careful and stay on top of the project.

Livingspace Building takes away this headache and removes the pressure by giving you an all-inclusive quotation from start to finish.

While many additions and improvements will add value, it is important to weigh up the size, location and style of your home and renovate accordingly.

The Process

Roof conversions and extensions has become a popular way to create more space and add value to existing homes. For many people though, the process of renovating a home is a new experience and can be quite daunting. At Livingspace Building we have a clear process so you know what is happening each step of the way!

Find out how we work with you to create your new living space.

NB: The following process is intended as an approximate indication only. Each project we undertake may include alternative steps to the ones shown on this website.

After you book your obligation-free consultation, We will discuss your requirements...Your plans or ours

We will sit with you to develop a specification for the project to match the drawings and your particular plans for your space...

We then draw up your contracts and get a certificate of Home Owners Warranty insurance, return to you and take you through the documents and answer any questions that you might have..

We can draw up a complete set of plans for you and complete a Development Application for you to sign...

We will liaise with you regarding access and the start date

At completion a certificate which you will be asked to sign. Your copy of the completion certificate should be stored with your copy of the contract...

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